Aaron Sorkin wants to write The Social Network sequel under one condition

Early last year, Aaron Sorkin said that the recent scandals surrounding Facebook should have a sequel to come The Social Network. Now Sorkin says he would love to do the script again, but only if David Fincher is behind the camera again.

“We’ve discovered the dark side of Facebook,” Sorkin says on the podcast Happy Sad Confused. In fact, he’s already done research through the critical book Zucked and talk to author Roger McNamee, a former Facebook investor.

McNamee informed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and CEO Sheryl Sandberg after discovering strange political activity on the social networking site.

“Sandberg and Zuckerberg, however, don’t seem interested in doing anything,” says Sorkin. “McNamee eventually told the US Senate that Facebook is undermining democracy and that something needs to be done.”

Source: THR

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