Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees breaks the home run record

B.Baseball player Aaron Judge scored his 62nd home run of the season in Major League Baseball (MLB), breaking a 61-year record. The New York Yankees pro surpassed club legend Roger Maris, who set the American League record in 1961.

Judge, who drew with Maris last week, scored the decisive blow on Tuesday (local time) in the first inning of the game at the Texas Rangers (5: 4). The 30-year-old had already gone empty-handed in four games for the record champions.

“It’s a huge relief,” said the judge, who received a standing ovation at the stadium. After the shot, a fan took the ball in the stands, the piece is worth about two million dollars. The judge thinks he gets it: “It would have been great to have it back, but it’s a souvenir for a fan. Let’s see what happens.” On his 61st home run, which tied with Maris, he secured the ball.

He personally made sure the ball stayed in the family. In the locker room after the game, the judge handed him over to his mother, Patty, who had adopted him as a child. “She’s been with me in everything,” she said – from the small league as a child to the major league, where the 30-year-old is now causing a stir.

The judge has been chasing records in the MLB for five years and not only for his number 99 jersey makes comparisons with ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Even as a rookie in his first season, he set several records in 2017.

With his 62 home runs, he is not yet at the top of the table. Three players have scored multiple home runs in an MLB season: Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa – all of whom have been accused of using steroids. That’s why Roger Maris Jr., son of the previous record holder, celebrated Judge on Twitter as the “king of the clean house”. Bonds holds the official MLB record (73).

Whether Judge will remain the face of the New York Yankees remains to be seen: prior to the season, he turned down a deal that would have brought him $ 213.5 million in revenue because next winter he was a non-contract player and free to choose his employer. . Bets should give him an even bigger pay day.

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