Aargau artist emigrated to New York

She teaches life drawing and tends private gardens: this artist has built a second foothold in New York

Christine Staehelin is the daughter of a former chief diplomat and a native of New York who live in Brugg. She emigrated to the USA. The 57-year-old teaches life drawing in the metropolis and looks after 14 private gardens. The facility that she designed for an Aargau resident is particularly impressive.

Artist Christine Staehelin lives and teaches in New York.

Image: zvg

She has already exhibited works in the Brugger Zimmermannhaus and in August 2019 in the Galerie am Lindenhof in Zurich: Christine Staehelin is an artist and graphic designer. She has lived in New York for 25 years. Last year she painted a portrait of Greta Thunberg, among other things. The 57-year-old admires the determination and perseverance as well as the courage and clarity of the young climate protection activist and feels connected to her. Because nature and “the survival of as many ways of life as possible in this very risky time on earth” are also close to Staehelin’s heart.

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