AAP Foundation concerned about bushmeat sales in the Netherlands | Inland

Last week, the Undercover program in the Netherlands showed that bushmeat could be bought in several stores in the Netherlands. The origin of the meat is often unclear and food safety is therefore not good, according to the AAP Foundation. Illegal poaching in Africa also causes a lot of animal suffering.

According to the foundation, it is not known how much meat of exotic animals is transported from Africa to Europe. In 2004, research showed that 1 million kilos of meat a year went to Europe from the Democratic Republic of Congo alone. Because many consignments of meat have been intercepted in recent years, it has become clear that a lot is going to Great Britain.

AAP Foundation wants action to be taken. “Now that monkeys and other wild animals are increasingly better protected by banning them as pets, it must also be prevented that they are still dragged out of the forest to end up in the pan,” said director David van Gennep.

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