A671 closed after accident near Hochheim

Hofgeismar. Fleeing from the police, three young men ended up in a ditch in a car in Hofgeismar (Kassel district) and were seriously injured in the accident. Rescue workers took the men aged 22, 25 and 26 to nearby hospitals, and they were no longer in mortal danger on Sunday afternoon, the police said.

Accordingly, a police patrol noticed the car with the three men early on Sunday morning because it was driving through Hofgeismar at too high a speed. When the officials wanted to check the car, the men in the vehicle fled via Bundesstraße 83 in the direction of Hofgeismar-Schoeneberg and, according to the information, ignored any stop signs. At a hilltop, the pursuing police patrol initially lost sight of the getaway car, but then found the car involved in the accident in a ditch when it was run over, it was said.

According to the information, it was not yet known why the men fled from the officers. The 26-year-old driver is being investigated for traffic offenses. Initially, the police assumed that the men could be involved in a robbery, which is why the patrol was on duty, but the police have already ruled out this suspicion. The car was totaled as a result of the accident. (dpa)

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