A young woman attacked with a cutter in Chartres city center

A 15-year-old Chartrain was indicted this Tuesday, October 20, early in the morning, for extortion and carrying a 2nd category weapon.

Sunday, around 8:30 p.m., a duo, which would have been composed of this suspect and another young person, prowled in the hyper-city center of Chartres, by mountain bike, as the investigators observed, during their investigations, in particular on the video protection images.

Caught in a pincer movement

At around 9:15 p.m., a young woman, who carried a handbag slung over her shoulder, was walking with a friend. They took the direction of Boulevard de la Courtille.

The two cyclists would have anticipated the progression of this woman, and positioned themselves downstream, hidden near several trees. They would then have arisen. One of them was apparently holding a cutter, blade out. He would have claimed the purse. The young woman, a 19-year-old Chartraine, would have refused.

Threatened with a blade

The assailant then allegedly held out the blade to his face as he approached. The victim allegedly hijacked the cutter. But the assailant allegedly managed to steal his bag. And the duo fled mountain biking.

La Chartraine immediately dialed 17. A crew from the night brigade and the anti-crime brigade (BAC) then worked together to catch the pincer thieves. One of the alleged perpetrators was spotted on avenue d’Orléans. He would have let go of his bicycle to run away while getting rid of the bag. He was arrested. The bag was recovered with all of its contents, and returned to its owner.

Drivers intercepted for drunk driving and lack of license

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The alleged accomplice has not been found despite extensive searches in the neighborhood. The police found the cutter in a pocket of the arrested suspect during security patrols. Investigators looked at police files. They made it possible to discover that this minor had already been convicted for identical facts.

Sunday evening, this teenager was prosecuted for armed robbery. After two days of police custody and the handling of the case by the judicial research unit, the alleged facts were reclassified as extortion and carrying a 2nd category weapon.

Investigations are continuing to identify the alleged accomplice.

Thierry delaunay
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