A young thief attacked and beat adults in Asenovgrad, they caught him (photos)

The cameras filmed the thief. Photos: Facebook

The police in Asenovgrad caught a thief who entered the home of elderly people and kicked and beat them. This was told by their son Denislav Mintsev. Cameras filmed the Apache attacking the apartment in the middle of the night.

“Last night we were robbed after midnight by this individual in the black and white photo,” Mintsev wrote. According to him, “this individual works in a team for finishing construction activities.
“I share this so that you do not get into the situation in which my parents found themselves. My father and mother kicked because they woke up when he invaded again. Then he ran away,” the son wrote.
According to the recordings from the cameras, the police quickly found and detained him.
Mintsev warns other Asenovgrad residents not to fall victim to the thief.



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