A young man dies in a frontal collision between a truck and a light vehicle – Society and politics – News

Vera, who lives next to the Riga-Jelgava-Lithuanian border highway, said that the accident happened shortly before six in the morning.

The driver of the Volvo truck was healthy and healthy. He immediately called an “ambulance”. Volkswagen, meanwhile, was in a ditch and had overturned on the roof, its 21-year-old driver still in the cabin.

The young man was trapped and injured, but it was difficult for the doctors to get to him. After a while, firefighters arrived and used hydraulic tools to free the driver from the shattered car.

Unfortunately, the doctors could not help him and the young man died at the scene.

At the Jelgava police station, the show was told that it is difficult to understand why the collision took place, because the road section is easily visible. It is possible that one of the drivers fell asleep at the wheel, or a forest beast ran in front of the cars.

Examinations have been appointed as part of the criminal proceedings and details will be clarified, law enforcement said, but it would be useful to obtain additional information. Information can be provided by calling 63004202, 63004200 or 110.

Video: “Degpunkta” story


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