A young man arrested when trying to rob a taxi driver in Gijón

A young man arrested when trying to rob a taxi driver in Gijón

The National Police has detained a 20-year-old young man accused of two robberies with intimidation to a degree of attempt committed at dawn last Friday in Gijón to a taxi driver and in a bread bakery.

The first robbery attempt took place around 02:00 hours on the 25th, in the Gijon neighborhood of La Calzada, when the now arrested man entered a taxi without a mask and when the driver asked him to put it on he told him that he “had nothing against him” as he warned him that he was carrying a weapon.

The taxi driver accelerated the vehicle and left the place without becoming a victim of the assault and moments later he provided the agents with the description of the young man.

While the agents tried to locate him, the 091 service alerted that a young man with similar characteristics had entered a bread workshop near the place and had demanded that one of the workers hand over the money from the box.

According to the victim’s testimony, the young man had said that “he was going to do anything crazy”, although shortly after he left the place without obtaining any loot, according to the same sources.

The young man was later located in a passageway in the area, hidden in the overhang of a building.

The agents did not find any relevant object in their possession during the search, but they did find a kitchen knife on a window sill in the wall he was leaning on.

The young man acknowledged both the alleged facts and the weapon used in the robbery attempts.

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A young man arrested when trying to rob a taxi driver in Gijón


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