A worker injured when falling from the 2nd floor of a warehouse in Santa Cruz | BE Ciudad Real

Work accident in Santa Cruz de Mudela. As reported by 112, a worker has rushed from a second floor in the warehouse “Fernando Castro“. He has been transferred in ICU to the Valdepeñas hospital, where tests are being carried out to rule out possible injuries from this fall.

Also, from the town hall of this town they assure that “it is a 35-year-old employee who works in these new warehouses of the Industrial Park and it seems that he has not been seriously injured.” Along these lines, its mayor, Gema García, has confirmed that “he has even climbed into the ambulance on his own feet and has been transferred to the Hospital as a precaution.”

Furthermore, the own Garcia has reported that he has fallen from a height of a second floor when he was manipulating a false ceiling of these facilities. Finally, from the winery itself, they avoid making statements and are awaiting the tests that are carried out on this worker.

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