A woman’s incredible trick to make her husband look for something in the kitchen

Household tasks, such as washing dishes, cooking or cleaning, often have a family flow chart to avoid problems and arguments. But there are smaller, almost minimal issues, like waiting for the other to get up to ask him for something. Everything leads to arm strategic blackboard plays to see who is the laziest in the couple.

Of course, there are geniuses of the world world who deserve all the awards and to stay in the armchair forever and ever. Like the wife of this man who, astonished, decided to share the anecdote on Twitter.

“My wife and I were sitting on the couch, and when I heard a text message I realized that I had left the phone in the kitchen,” wrote user @DocAtCDI. “I stood up, went to the kitchen to check it … and it was a message from my wife: ‘please bring some chips when you come back’”, He concluded.

The famous “Wonderful Play” meme. (Photo: TN Tecno screenshot).

The tweet broke it: in just one day it accumulates more than 300 thousand likes, 30 thousand RTs and another 7 thousand cited messages. In the social network many took the opportunity to share similar stories and viral.

“My husband and I had a fight, via text message, while we were in the same room, because our daughter was present. She sent us a group text asking us to take our problem elsewhere. We couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t hide I guess, ”wrote Christine S. Another user summed up the fight with a video to get them to laugh.

Continuing with the “wonderful move” analogy, another user explained the difference in the pair: “You play checkers, she plays chess,” wrote MarkinCHS. Not even the Lady’s Gambit was so encouraged!

Labor errors on Twitter

All those who are or were active in the workplace have some anecdote, some pearl, an error or failure that marked them in a job. But of course, there are some minor details, not so serious, and other historical, hilarious and very viral.

Fk, 23, @FerKogan, decided to share his own anecdote on Twitter to ask other users what each one was. In that sense, he told what he did, being an ice cream man: “At night I closed everything and turned off the refrigerators”. Sparkly.

His tweet became a viral thread, with more than 200,000 likes, 5,000 quoted tweets, and thousands of responses. A good job advice is this: if you have to carry a package the best thing is … take the package!

“I had to take a very important package to another province. Travel BY PLANE the day before to sleep there. Delivery would be made the next day. Next day at the meeting point I realize that … I HAD NOT TAKEN THE PACKAGE. Kill me, ”Any said.


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