A woman was the victim of her uncle’s story: she requested credit for more than $500,000 – Police

Recently, numerous fraud attempts were known through telephone contacts and social networks, which had citizens of Basavilbaso as victims. Most of them were unsuccessful, but a woman was the victim of a “uncle’s story” and they took a credit for her of more than half a million pesosdetailed One.

The maneuver began with a request for money to cover the costs that the medical attention of a relative would require, but given the defensive reaction of the woman, they “invited” her to call so that personnel from the telephone company could corroborate the information of where she was. was making the call. All this was part of the ruse that led the neighbor from Basavilbaso to make the mistake of providing data that once in the hands of the criminals allowed them to carry out her mission.

The event occurred on Friday and the Police learned this Saturday morning, when the woman went to the Police Station and it was confirmed that in her bank account she had a credit that they took for her for the purpose of robbery.. “Now they are trying to block movements,” a force official told FM Riellocal media that spread the news.

In recent days at the police station they received many inquiries for scams like the uncle’s story. For example, a woman came to the police station desperate because a subject told her that a relative had had a traffic accident and that she had to pay for the transfer of the vehicle. When she was in the police, the offender called again and was unable to proceed with the deception.

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Commissioner Matías Lencina asked that the neighbors not provide data, and that they do not hesitate to contact the Police. “It’s always better to be suspicious… a mistake can be very expensive,” he summed up.

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