A woman dies after suffering cardiac arrest on a flight to London

A woman died on a company flight American Airlines which covered the Houston – London route. Apparently, the deceased suffered a cardiac arrest aboard the plane and nothing could be done to save her life.

The plane left Houston at 4:30 pm and landed after 7:00 am at London’s Heathrow Airport. It was about flying company 880 and the 51-year-old woman was traveling in economy class. The passengers on that flight experienced distressing moments and stayed overwhelmed by the incitooth.

From the flight they alerted the health services of the London airport and as soon as they landed they boarded the plane, but they could not help but declare her dead. According to local media, the London Ambulance Service explained that the American Airlines flight was due to arrive at the airport’s Terminal 2 when they received a notice around 6:30 am. Two paramedics cyclists and an accident response officer went there.

The company expresses its condolences

The rest of the passengers and crew also talked to health services because of the shock caused by the event.

On the part of the company, they expressed their “deepest condolences” to the family members of the passenger who died in “medical emergency on board”. Furthermore, in the statement they explain that “the woman’s death was unexpected, has already been investigated and she is not suspicious “as well as that” her relatives are already aware of the situation and will prepare a file for the coroner.

panic on a flight

The crew of the aircraft is prepared for all kinds of emergencies, including heart attacks, but all kinds of situations can be experienced during the journey. For example, one flight had to make an emergency landing after a passenger yelled “we’re all going to die”. A few days ago, the images of a passenger who needed a wheelchair to crawl along the aisle of the plane to go to the bathroom also caused indignation.

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