A woman claims to have been declared dead during quarantine, RHI denies

Miroslava Kadar: BNT

A woman does not know where she is in the statistics for COVID-19 – whether she is among the infected, healed or dead. She had two positive tests, but whether she was registered – opinions differ here, BNT found.

At the end of last month, an ambulance team visited her and proved with a quick test that she was infected. However, the woman’s personal doctor advised her to take another test in the COVID area, as the first one was not reported by the system.

Thus, apparently already proven infected, the woman goes to the clinic and proves again that she has a positive test.

He returned home to carry out his quarantine and today, on the penultimate day of isolation, it turns out that she is still not in the system. This makes it impossible for her to obtain both a certificate and a sick leave to justify her absence.

She is trying to contact RHI, where, according to her story, she is greeted with the news that she is not registered because she has died. This is her version.

The Sofia Health Inspectorate says that none of these things are true.

The Ministry of Health will investigate the case. However, RHI Sofia emphasizes that with today’s visit to the Inspectorate, Miroslava has violated her quarantine.

She claims that she failed to make another connection with the RHI employees.

These phones, which are given in the RHI, on their website, either do not answer or give permanently busy. There is no one there to lift.

Until now, according to the system of the Ministry of Health, Miroslava has not met with COVID.

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