A wild beast runs into the side of a Chrysler, causing a severe collision between two cars

On Monday, November 2, a moose ran into the side of the Chrysler car on the Eleja – Vilce road section. As a result, the vehicle was thrown into the opposite lane and there was a frontal collision with the oncoming Audi, according to the program “Degpunkta”.

On Monday afternoon, a moose ran into the side of a Chrysler car on the road connecting Eleja and Vilce. Due to the impact, the car was thrown into the opposite lane, which was then used by Audi. There was a frontal collision, and as a result, both cars crashed and the light vehicle hit a ditch. Elk ran into the forest after the accident.

An eyewitness to Sadursme.lv, who wanted to be anonymous, says about this accident: “The scene at the scene is horrible, the car is in rags. Drivers are trapped in both cars. According to the Audi driver, a moose jumped in front of the minivan. Although the driver of the Chrysler was able to turn the corner to the side of the ditch, in a hundredth of a second, one moment, and he entered the opposite lane and collided with the Audi frontally. Of course, criminal proceedings have been initiated. “

Emergency services and fire and rescue workers arrived at the scene of the accident. Hydraulic tools had to be used to help people get out of the badly damaged car.

After the accident, two people were taken to a medical facility. One of the victims had serious injuries to several parts of his body, while the other suffered relatively minor injuries. Find out more by watching the story of the show “Degpunkta”.

Source: skaties.lv/Degpunktā

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