A well more than two thousand years old was found in China

Photo: twitter.com/Guangming_Daily

A well was discovered in China, which is more than two thousand years old

The wooden structure, nine meters deep, has original masonry and demonstrates the technologies of ancient craftsmen.

In the north of the Chinese province of Shanxi, a wooden well was found, dug more than two thousand years ago. This was reported by the TV channel CGTN.

Analysis of the wood showed that the well was built around the end of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC). It is nine meters deep and 4.5 meters wide.

The wooden structure has nine walls (in ancient China, this number symbolized durability and the bright beginning of “yang”).

It is noted that the technology of the well’s wooden masonry is “very sophisticated”, and its discovery is of great importance for the study of the technology of building ancient wells and early wooden structures.

During the period of the Fighting Kingdoms, there were several territorial entities on the territory of China, each of which had its own ruler. They competed and fought with each other.

By the year 221, the ruler of the Qin kingdom named Ying Zheng, who went down in history as the first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang, had subdued and unified the neighboring lands under his rule.

It was previously reported that face cream discovered in China, which is 2700 years old.

3,000-year-old gold mask and 500 artifacts discovered in China

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