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Shulyak said that the drug Ksarelto also disappeared from sale. “This is also an anticoagulant, now they are being used as the main therapy, even for mild cases of COVID-19, in order to prevent thrombosis,” he added.

Pharmaceutical companies announced problems with the supply of 40 million packages of drugs

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What is the reason for the loss of the drug

Nodar Solyarik, director for development of the network of pharmacies Ave Group, confirmed to RBC that there is no drug in pharmacies. “This year there are very big sales. Now he is not in pharmacies at all, he only remained in hospitals. There was a deficit in the first wave [пандемии]”, – he noted.

Search for drugs based on sodium enoxaparin on Yandex.Market does not give results… There are no drugs available on Apteka.ru either – offer leave a request to inform the buyer about the receipt. Search on Eapteka.ru issues from the whole list there are only two drugs under the brand name “Flenox neo”.

“Kleksan” is produced by the pharmaceutical company “Sanofi”. Its director for corporate relations in the Eurasian region, Yuri Mochalin, told RBC that the lack of the drug was caused by significantly increased demand amid the pandemic. He also noted that since April the medicine has been included in the guidelines of the Ministry of Health “Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a new coronavirus infection.”

The drug, according to Mochalin, continues to arrive at the company’s warehouse; the manufacturer has introduced additional control of orders and shipments “in order to ensure equal availability of available quantities for market participants.”

Sanofi notes that the current production volumes of the drug in Russia will not fully cover the significantly increased demand. “Against the background of the situation that has arisen with a sharp increase in global demand for enoxoparin substances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a serious risk of providing patients in need of the drug. Therefore, the company is already considering all the possibilities of providing patients with additional volumes of the drug to the current production. Among other things, he is going to apply to Roszdravnadzor for an import permit in 2021 in order to subsequently enter into civil circulation additional volumes of imported drug “Kleksan” without applying identification means to provide Russian patients, taking into account future needs and to prevent possible interruptions in the availability of this drug “, – said a company representative.

The press service of the Ministry of Health of RBC confirmed the deficit of “Clexan” due to increased demand. “Usually” Clexane “is prescribed to women during pregnancy, so the volume of the drug imported into the country before the start of the pandemic fully covered the existing demand,” they noted.

The department also added that “the situation is under the control of the Ministry of Health of Russia” and “the next delivery of the drug was carried out on October 22”. “The drug is primarily used in the complex therapy of patients with coronavirus undergoing inpatient treatment. Therefore, all medical organizations are fully provided with “Kleksan” and its analogues, and also have the necessary supply, “the press service emphasized.

Outpatients with COVID promised free drugs

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What is “Kleksan” used for?

Phlebologist, head of the department of vascular surgery of the Family Doctor network of clinics Sergey Drobyazgo told RBC that Kleksan is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of venous thrombosis, while it is widely used and has been considered a first-line drug for several decades.

“Venous thrombosis is one of the most common causes of death in a hospital. It does not matter with what a person is admitted to the hospital – for planned or emergency surgery, therapy or surgery. He is potentially considered as being at risk for venous thrombosis, which can become a complication of the underlying disease, ”the doctor said.

Drobyazgo added that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of patients with thrombosis increased as the coronavirus affects the vascular bed. “There is a general vascular lesion, therefore” Kleksan “is prescribed in parallel with antiviral treatment,” he said. According to the doctor, low molecular weight heparin, which includes “Kleksan” , can be replaced with the usual one. “Conventional heparin has many more contraindications, it needs to be administered under laboratory control, which is more difficult. It is also more difficult to choose the dosage and, most importantly, there can be complications, ”he said.

Gedeon Richter halted drug supplies due to labeling problems

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Medication interruptions

Interruptions with “Kleksan” started back in August. Now residents of the regions write about the shortage of the drug in pharmacies in social networks, in particular Sverdlovsk, Yaroslavl regions, Republic Mari El and others, and ask users to sell the drugs they have left.

In Tyumen, pregnant women complained about the lack of the drug “Kleksan”. An anonymous message about this was published on October 26 in the group “ChS Tyumen” in “VKontakte”. “I would like to attract the attention of healthcare and A.V. MOORA (Governor of the region Alexander Moor. – RBK) we certainly understand that in the country there is an epidemic of COVID-19 and a drug such as Clexan goes entirely to patients with coronavirus, but why are we girls who are pregnant and have IVF done should suffer and look for a drug among people. Note if we do not put it, we may have a miscarriage due to the thickness of the blood, “- said in the message (spelling and punctuation preserved).

At the local perinatal center after that reportedthat they have on their balance “sufficient amount” of enoxaparin sodium for the treatment and prevention of thromboembolic complications in all patients. This was stated in the response to the Znak.com request. Journalists of the publication also contacted with representatives of pharmacy chains operating in the region. They said that due to the pandemic, the drug has been out of stock for about a month or more, the drug is not available from suppliers and they do not know when it will appear.

Kremlin redirects the issue of labeling vital drugs to the Cabinet

The shortage of antithrombotic drugs on October 20 also complained residents of the Ulyanovsk region. On the shortage of drugs in Novosibirsk pharmacies reported October 20 newspaper “Kommersant”. Representatives of pharmacy chains complained about the absence, including of “Kleksan”. The head of the Novosibirsk branch of Roszdravnadzor, Elena Khrustaleva, said at the time that drugs were supplied to pharmacies, but they were being sold out very quickly due to the rush demand. According to her, the chains that do not sell drugs according to the rules are often to blame for the situation: “Pharmacies that violate prescription drugs usually do not have the necessary drugs.”

The Khabensky Foundation wrote to Putin about the shortage of drugs for cancer patients

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A similar situation is observed in other regions of Siberia. So, on October 13, the Governor of the Altai Territory Viktor Tomenko applied to federal pharmacy chains. He asked to increase the supply of drugs that are used in the treatment of coronavirus.

The authorities of Kuzbass also reported difficulties with the availability of drugs needed to treat the coronavirus. “Even if the drug is available, it is often in a single copy and after five minutes it may no longer be on sale,” said Vyacheslav Petrov, chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Kemerovo Region.


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