A very hot scene on the bed turns into truth .. and the director carries on to shoot irrespective of the screams of the actress and her ask for for help from the employees !! Will not you picture who you are?

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A stunning tale that each individual time it arrives out, returns to the media, and this time in a 2013 online video job interview, resurrected by Elle magazine in its American model a couple of months in the past, the director Bernardo Bertolucci verified that Maria Schneider, the heroine of his well known movie The Past Tango in Paris (1972), he understood very little of his rape scene (he was 19 yrs aged).

He mentioned the scene was authentic and that it was actor Marlon Brando (48) who recommended on the early morning of the shoot to “use butter” for penetration. Introducing that he felt guilty about what he had finished, but failed to regret it: “I desired the reaction of a raped and humiliated lady, not the thoughts of an actress.” Stressing that “Maria hated me. Brando and I hated each individual other right until she died.”

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