A US Supreme Court judge threatens to overturn same-sex marriage

A conservative judge United States Supreme CourtClarence Thomas, has defended this Friday reviewing the ruling that protects equal marriage, reached throughout the country in 2015. These statements coincide with the court ruling that has revoked the constitutionality of the right to abortion on the same day.

Specifically, the reactionary magistrate has referred to the precedents based on the “fundamental due process“. This is the common law doctrine by which courts can limit or modify laws if they affect “life, liberty or property” in any way. This activity is normally exercised by the legislative power, that is, the Parliament.

So it was with the right to abortion, now revoked: the Roe v. Wade case set a legal precedent in 1973, which allowed women to interrupt pregnancy until the third month. Judge Thomas has expressly mentioned that the rulings by which they are guaranteed should also be reviewed. access to contraceptives and same-sex marriage.

“After reversing these proven erroneous decisions, it would remain to resolve the question of whether there are other constitutional provisions that protect the myriad of rights that our fundamental due process cases have generated,” the high court magistrate wrote, according to what he collects. Efe.

Thomas also recalled that this Friday’s ruling on the constitutionality of the right to voluntary interruption of pregnancy does not affect other advances in social rights. However, his opinion establishes that the American justice will review these guarantees of protection of freedoms, which may suffer the same fate as abortion.

Several activists and progressive politicians in USA alert since the leak of the sentence on the right of pregnant women that the retrograde drift of the Supreme Court of the country can endanger other rights conquered by a long history of struggle and protest.

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