A unique car will be made at the Red Bull plant under the leadership of New England: F1LV Blog

Red Bull has announced plans to build a high-performance car for the track in the coming years, but will sell in limited numbers for less than six million euros.

The two-seater “Red Bull” sports car is already being designed by the outstanding engineer Adrian Newly, who has driven many F1 vehicles, which have won and won the title. The machine will be made in 50 copies and will be available to enthusiasts in 2025.

The vehicle has already been named the RB17 and will be the first production car to bear the Red Bull brand. It will be equipped with a V8 hybrid turbo engine capable of developing more than 1,100 horsepower. The goal is to create a car with a performance similar to Formula One.

Collectors who purchase such a car will also have access to the Milton Kines factory simulator, a development program for the car and training on the race track.

“RB17 marks an important milestone in the development of Red Bull Advanced Technologies,” says Adrian Newy. “Now we are fully ready to create and mass-produce cars in our factory.”

Newby adds: “RB17 will be built using all the knowledge gained from the design of F1 machines. They will be fitted to a two-seater sports car with extremely high performance. We have pushed the boundaries of design and technology far beyond what was previously available to car enthusiasts and collectors. I have been working here for 17 seasons, and it seems that this is the next chapter for our company and what we do. ”

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