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  • August 10, 2022

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  • The water levels in all the rivers in our country are lower because of the dry weather this summer. The information is from the hydrologists, according to whom the smaller rivers in many places have almost dried up in their upper reaches. According to a UN report, half of Bulgaria is expected to be affected by severe droughts in the coming years.

    This summer is relatively dry, meteorologists say. The final judgment will be clear after the summer months are over.

    In Bulgaria, like a large part of Central and Western Europe, there are serious indications of drought. In the past July, in most of the country, the precipitation was below the average rate for the month, calculated for the last 10 years. The biggest droughts are in the entire Danube plain, in the greater part of the Upper Thracian lowland and especially in the central parts of Eastern Bulgaria. In July, the precipitation in these areas was the least and reached only 20 percent of the precipitation norm for the month, explained to BNT Assoc. Hristo Chervenkov from NIMH.

    Nearly half of the countries of the European Union suffer from drought, which hampers agriculture, energy production and water supply, according to data from the European Commission’s research center. And the forecast of international experts is that global warming and climate changes in the coming years will lead to more and more intense and longer droughts.

    The past month of July was among the hottest on record

    According to a UN report, in the coming years Bulgaria will be among the countries most affected by drought in the world. If the climate is allowed to worsen in the longer term, experts warn that drought will affect more people than any pandemic. In other words, it will become the next pandemic for which, unfortunately, there will be no vaccine to cure it.

    According to the report, due to the looming drought, an increasing number of people will live under stress, as at certain times the demand for water will far exceed the supply.

    Vladimir Vassilev


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