A tuberculosis vaccine test was carried out on health care workers in Britain to combat Corona

British researchers responsible for global vaccine trials revealed that the tuberculosis vaccine BCG“, Which is widely used will be tested on frontline healthcare workers in Britain for its effectiveness against the Coronavirus COVID-19According to Reuters news agency, and the agency added, a vaccine Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) , Which is used to protect against tuberculosis, stimulates a broad response of the normal immune system and has been shown to protect against infection or severe disease with other respiratory pathogens..

Professor John Campbell, from the University of Exeter School of Medicine, said: “It has been shown to be a vaccine BCG It boosts immunity in a general way, which may provide some protection against the coronavirusCOVID-19″.We are trying to determine if it is a vaccine, ”he said BCG It can help protect people at risk of contracting the coronavirus COVID-19 If that happens, we can save lives by administering or augmenting this easily available and cost-effective vaccination.

The agency confirmed that the British study is part of an ongoing experiment led by Australia, which began in April and is also taking place in the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil. A vaccine is also being tested. BCG As a means of prevention Corona Virus COVID-19 In South Africa.

The British experiment is recruiting volunteers before the winter months, which officials have warned could be difficult as the country struggles with a second wave of infections.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated that restrictions to curb the epidemic could be in place until spring.

The United Kingdom, which is currently conducting the experiment, in Exeter, south-west England, is seeking to employ 1,000 people working in nearby community care and healthcare homes, and globally, more than 10,000 healthcare workers will be appointed.


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