A tribute to the “sower of the theater in Cangas, O Morrazo and Galicia”

The award was presented in the multidisciplinary act carried out after the inauguration of an exhibition that reviewed the different facets of Pazos within the theater, including manuscripts, documentation, but also some of the received awards or even artistic works related to it or items of a more personal nature such as his cap. The president of the Academy, Imma Antonio Souto, defended the justice of the recognition in which “The fact that Cangas has an auditorium and there is this Theater Festival with a settled audience has to do with his work over many years.”

The Academia Galega do Teatro posthumously awards Xosé Manuel Pazos its Honor Award

If the exhibition was already a meeting point between many people who were part of the life of Pazos, the same can be said of the event that the Kangue auditorium also hosted later, and which was defined by its organizers as “A recognition, but above all a gift to a friend. It was not about doing something grandiose, but about doing it from love. ” The about 240 people who attended the appointment, the maximum capacity allowed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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One of the theatrical performances on the spot at the Cangas auditorium. Gonzalo Nunez

In this way, and with Pepa Barreiro and Sonia Rúa as masters of ceremonies the event started with the performance of the Tromentelo de Coiro Bagpipe Band. From there, interventions by people and groups from the world of culture were chained, with the focus on Cangas. Anxo Graña, Carme Penim, Héctor Pazos or Paco Alfaro put the musical note and Cándido Pazó his talent for storytelling as a result of an anecdote that Pazos himself had told him at the time. María Armesto, Manuel Vieites or Henrique Harguindey, among others, bet on the power of the word. The latter insisted on the intellectual worth of Xosé Manuel Pazos, but also on “his extraordinary human quality.”

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Performance by the Tromentelo Bagpipe Band. Gonzalo Nunez

The purely theatrical note was put Sonia Rúa, Pepa Barreiro and Casilda Alfaro with Manolo Cobas and Salvador del Río in the technical part, staging a fragment of María Soliña, the work adapted by Pazos for the Ningures Theater in 1989. “María, sombra nai e mar ao fondo” is the poem that serves as inspiration for the dramaturgy. The Escola de Teatro de Cangas also performed a piece, while María Barcala read a poem written by Pazos himself.

Castingjo opens the performances of the program in Bueu

Waiting for the performances to begin officially today, yesterday Se Rial and Anabel Budiño performed the first street theater play. They did it in Bueu, with their Castingjo bet, which they will also take to Cangas today and Moaña tomorrow. The approach of the comic duo is simple, a casting in the middle of the street in which the participants are asked to demonstrate their physical, singing or other skills in various tests. Everything to choose the people who would work on a hypothetical documentary. Humor is not at odds with the claim, since there is a double reading, that of the difficulties of women to access the audiovisual labor market. In addition, parallel activities also began yesterday, with a workshop that took place in the exhibition hall of the auditorium under the title “Sound body: A vibratory journey.” It was taught by María Costas and was aimed at the members of the Association for Breast Cancer Diagnoses (Adicam).



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