“A tree instead of a head.” Makarevich spoke about Russians criticizing Pugacheva and Khamatova

“I meant stupid louts who allow themselves to write very bad things online about people they are no match for. Only this pissed me off,” he said.

Makarevich stressed that he knows well the Russian actress Chulpan Khamatova and singer Alla Pugacheva and their services to people.

“I have been talking with Alla Borisovna for 100 years. What did she do, how many people did she give joy and happiness with her work! I know how much Chulpan did and does, in addition to the fact that she is a brilliant actress. How many children Khamatova saved with her fund,” emphasized is he.

Makarevich stressed that Russians who support Russia’s war against Ukraine have no right to say anything about Pugacheva and Khamatova, who left the Russian Federation.

“This is a tree instead of a head. These people do not interest me at all,” he stressed.

War of Russia against Ukraine. The main thing (updated)


Makarevich was born on December 11, 1953 in Moscow (RF). He is the founder and leader of the rock band Time Machine (1969). The band’s discography includes 14 studio albums.

The musician is in Israel, where he has son was born April 6.

Makarevich has supported Ukraine from the very beginning of Russia’s military aggression. The musician called the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin leader who is able to press the nuclear “red button”and on a real example showed how people are zombified.

War of Russia against Ukraine Makarevich dedicated the song “Prayer”.

April 6 in Telegram Makarevich spoke out against criticism of Khamatova, Pugacheva, her husband, showman Maxim Galkin and singer Zemfira, who did not support the Russian aggression against Ukraine. “It was Russia that left you, motherfucker. Because Russia is them, not you,” Makarevich said.

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