Home Business A transport company disappears overnight in Perpignan

A transport company disappears overnight in Perpignan

During the night of Thursday to Friday, January 10, the B2S transport company, subcontractor to Amazon, settled in Béziers.

The world of parcel transportation is a jungle. At the top of the pyramid, an international structure like Amazon. At the bottom, employees having to juggle working hours and working conditions for a very modest income. Between the two, nesting companies, subcontractor of subcontractor, and not very attentive methods on the rules.

B2S has hit the headlines in recent days with dismissals qualified by the CGT union disguised social plan. There were still twenty-five employees on open-ended contracts to deliver the packages (mainly from Amazon) in the department.

Thursday, explains a B2S employee, management let us know that they wanted to change our contracts and pay us a flat rate with 8 h 45 daily work over 6 days. All for 1 450 €. These conditions were unacceptable, and since it was impossible to discuss with the management, the vehicles were blocked to force it to negotiate.

“This is modern slavery”

Friday, January 10 in the morning, the employees were present in front of the premises but prohibited from entering it. We learned that during the nightexplains a driver, the management moved the trucks, our working tool, to the Béziers depot. As always, management is absent and there is no news.

The CGT, FO and a delegation of railway workers, who came to support B2S employees, considered that this situation it’s modern slavery, assured Alexandre Pignon, local manager of the CGT. Discreet management, but a manager confides anyway, without wanting to be named: I am very sorry for these drivers. But we can no longer work on Perpignan, we lost our client, who was Amazon’s contractor. He felt that the service was not completed. So we got our trucks based in Perpignan and brought them back to Béziers. “

The subcontractor will have to get closer to another local delivery service, will employees today without a contract find a job there? I think it will be complicated for them, still believes the B2S framework.



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