A tragic accident. A car crushed by trucks

GDDKiA informed that the tragic accident in Warsaw took place at approx. 10. As a result of a collision of a passenger car with two lorries, one person was killed in a passenger car.

“The accident happened around 10:15. The passenger car got between two lorries and was crushed” – said the asp. Marta Słomińska from the Warsaw Police in an interview with WawaLove. Preliminary information provided by the fire brigade shows that truck drivers did not suffer any harm.

In total, as many as six trucks collided in the accident. Huge traffic jams have arisen on the Toruń Route between the Głębocka and Łabiszyńska junctions.

“We encourage you to bypass this section of the S8 route. We appeal to drivers moving towards Białystok to maintain smooth traffic. Unnecessary slowing down creates further threats. Detours are being organized” – the police said.

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