A thousand safety for the laughter missile on his birthday .. win the disease oh uncle victor in god

Great comic energy, intuitive speed, lightness of shadow, and crafting acting that made him stand out for the great stars of the comedy and its geniuses, enough that you see him improvising Iphiyat outlining the great artist Amin Huneidi in the play “A Very Happy Family”, or you see him shooting great and fast goals in front of the screen monster Farid Shawky in the play “Street” Muhammad Ali, “or the fans are enjoying an equal match against his teacher Fouad Al-Mohandes in” A Play for Your Sake. “

Do not forget his roles in the movies of Satanism that loved me, against the government, and loves to follow “, realizing that he possesses more artistic capabilities, was not exploited when he embodied evil and exploitation in the TV series Hassan Arabesque, and I and you and Baba in the apricot and others.

it’s a The great artist, the winner of God’s laughter He celebrates his birthday today, February 21, when he was born on this day in 1950.

Since 2008, the disease affected the victorious artist, God, who suffered a stroke that kept him away from art for two years, and when he improved himself, he tolerated himself to present some work that does not require effort, such as radio series, and participated as an honorary guest in a scene or episode in some of the works, so he appeared in the series Ragel and six sixt television, and radio, commoners, but it did not last long for the disease to affect him, and he moved away from the art scene again.

Despite his distancing, he was and still is present in the minds and hearts of millions of viewers who loved his art and ivory and were delighted by his lightness and his artistic abilities that he did not have opportunities to reveal, and although he did not have the starring roles, but he was always a champion in his roles.

Al-Muntasir fell in love with art from a young age, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in theater in 1969, and a master’s in performing arts in 1977.

In an interview with the laughing missile about his beginning, he talked about the role of the artist Fouad Al-Muhandis in his artistic life, indicating that he had more than helped him in the beginning of his career, where he met by chance for the first time in the Zamalek theater, and told him that he loves acting, and he wants to act with him.

Al-Muntasir Billah said about this meeting: “I asked the professor to perform with him even if it was a slap, and he said to me with a smile:” Come in, hate the stage, and you will have the role of petal tariff. “

The victor in God went to the engineer the next day, and he gave him a role in the play “The Enchanting Star”, and the role consisted of only two sentences, namely, “Hate of the age will rise up in Egypt, and we will die and live in the bosom of Yahya”, indicating that it was his beginning in acting and after that Fouad was convinced by it The engineer encouraged and encouraged him, and in fact he participated with him in many plays, in the puzzles, as well as in the film Viva Zalata.

Al-Muntasir Billah has created many works that exceeded 170 works, including films: “You answer it like this, it reflects it like this, the walls of the tanneries, the challenge, the stare understood, the difficult time, the devil that loved me, the good effendi, the scandal, the teacher Samah, the singers, the Egyptian citizen, Al-Jawhari neighborhood, blessed love, thick lips, against the government, poor but happy, lawyer under training, forbidden to students, we regret this error, people are anxious and people are not, oh what are you Karim, Lord. “

And in the stage he presented: Interrogation, gentlemen children, a very happy family, Muhammad Ali Street, for the sake of your eyes, urgently wanted, the scientist Pasha.

On the television, he presented the series “Darara, you and I, and Papa in the Apricot, Tales of my daughters, Run, Run, Raglan and Sixstate, It is really a very happy family, Al-Mawardi Street, I will not walk the path of yesterday, the right thing that ousted, sons, but, the days of Mounira, Arabesque, Al-Sharaghish The time has come, eyes, the world when it is damaged

Al-Montaser married God, the actress Aziza Kassab, and gave birth to 3 daughters, and she retired from art after marriage in order to take care of her family, and she has a great role in his artistic career and in supporting and supporting him after his illness.

Rocket comedy is currently spending time with his wife, daughters and grandchildren, and he continues to physical therapy sessions, and his wife confirms that his condition has improved somewhat, asking his fans to pray for him.

On the birthday of the Laughing Rocket, his broad audience guides him with millions of invitations to recover from sincere hearts of love, gifted by a smile.


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