A third generation takes over the Bastille company at Tour-du-Parc – Le Tour-du-Parc

The Bastille du Tour-du-Parc company, specializing in the production of oysters and mussels, acquired in 1960, will remain in the family. Mathieu Bastille, 22 years old, son of Emmanuel Bastille, will take over the family business: “You certainly have to have a little grain to want to do this job, but I feel good about it”, confides the young man. After having completed four training courses at the Lycée maritime d’Etel, Mathieu was hired in August 2019 by his father and plans to join forces within one to two years.

“2021 will be difficult”

The operation specializes in wholesaling, restaurants and markets (three times a week on the Rhuys Peninsula from April to October). But 2021 promises to be difficult. Emmanuel is therefore looking for new networks, retail sales and the extension of markets are mentioned. “To date, the price of the oyster has collapsed, it is no longer the operator who sets the price but the broker. We are recording a shortfall of around 1 euro per kilo, ie a loss of 30 to 40% ”, he laments. “Anger roars. We are in a blank year but must assume all the running and operating costs ”. The future manager continues: “The union is absent, we must do everything individually and as best we can. I think it is high time to get together if we want to make the industry sustainable. The problem of oyster mortality in the Penerf river and in the Gulf is unfortunately still relevant today. We have no returns despite sending samples for analysis. Added to the overproduction of this year, the results are difficult to swallow ”.


Bastille Emmanuel company

25 route de Castel Le Tour du Parc

Contact: 06 78 16 76 61 or 0 672 772 562 or [email protected]


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