A TFC – Rodez unprecedented in history, a special match for Mpasi and Rachedi

TFC – Rodez, this poster looks more like a warm-up match in the middle of summer rather than an official meeting. Indeed, the two teams have only met once in competition, it was December 19, 1971 in the Coupe de France (Toulouse victory 9-0).
This summer, Tèf and the RAF should have faced each other in a friendly manner, but the meeting had been canceled, in Montauban, because of the Covid-19.

This Saturday night Lionel Mpasi, Rodez’s number 2 goalkeeper, will return to the Stadium, he who was partly trained at TFC and who was professional for one season.

However, in the past, several players have worn the purple and blood and gold jersey during their careers. We can quote Anthony Loustallot, Kévin Dupuis, Alsény Camara, Nicolas Bayod, Silas Billong, David Dupuy, Philippe Lafon, Sébastien Poisson, Olivier Pédémas, Florian David or David Suarez.

Note thatAli Rachedi has played in his career at Rodez and today, again and again, takes care of the recruitment of the TFC.

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