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Al-Marsad newspaper: A teacher and TikTok content creator, Khaled Al-Salami, has complained about the way teachers are being tested to get a teaching license.

Two hour trial

Al-Moallem explained, in a video clip, which he shared via the “Tik Tok” application, that they were tested for two continuous hours without rest, commenting: “Give us some rest, let us go out and come back again, settle for us a solution, we are human beings, and we are not young in age, I am fifty years old”. And there is someone else who is older than that”.

Strange questions

Al-Moallem said he wanted the test questions to be about the first or second Saudi state, King Abdul Aziz, and how he united the kingdom, our wealth, our seas, our valleys, our borders and new projects that Prince Lo did Muhammad bin Salman, such as Neom, for example, or questions about Mount Tuwaiq, the number of wells, or even neighboring countries, Iraq, for example, after all: but all the questions were strange.

He explained that the question consisted of 4 lines and the options were close to each other, indicating that he had no objection to the test, but rather something reasonable from our culture or the things they have studied.

May God forgive you

And the teacher swore that at the end of the test he expected that he would be paralyzed, and he felt numbness in some parts of his body, saying: “God forgive you.” Al-Salami criticized some of the things he didn’t like inside the classroom, such as the table on which the exam was taken, as well as the queue in which he stood upon his arrival at the exam site , despite having covered a journey of almost 200 kilometers.


The calm teacher concluded his speech by emphasizing the need to reconsider the form and content of the questions of the teachers’ test in order to obtain a teaching qualification.

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