A sunny future in National 3?

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AS Cannes will start a new season within the Corsica-Mediterranean group after finishing the 2019-2020 financial year in 10th place. And who says new season says new start within a group of N3 which will be once again raised.

For AS Cannes, this 2020-2021 season must be better than the last and the objective will be high in order to regain the National 2 and the height for a historic club of French football, which totals (remember) 22 seasons in Ligue 1 in its history. After years of hardship, it is now time for the Dragons to spread their wings and leave National 3. But no gift will be given to Jean-Noël Cabezas’ men and it will be necessary to garner victories and points to claim the title of promoted.

Because the previous year was not all rosy with a 10th final place in the standings and only 6 wins in 18 matches. This is why Cannes cannot afford to have a bad start to the season which has just come under penalty of falling back into its shortcomings and seeing accession to National 2 become a dream. So for that, the Cannes leaders have cleaned up during the summer transfer window.

Many players have left the club

Indeed, a significant number of players were at the end of their contracts and the managers decided not to renew them. It is therefore 9 players who packed their bags and left the workforce. But conversely, the Dragons can count on reinforcements to carry out an ambitious 2020-2021 exercise. With the signatures of Amoros Sébastien, Coulanghon Nicolas, Hagege Hugo, Jungen Killien and Verdier Nicolas, the club can now look to the next season. The new dragons Jungen and Verdier will also have the heavy task of piercing the nets to bring the most points to the club while last season was marked by a barely attack with only 18 goals scored.

And this mission promises to be perilous for the moment given the effectiveness of Cannes during the preparation matches. Because with already four games played, the Dragons scored only 5 goals including 4 in the last match, which shows ineffectiveness at the start of preparation. With 2 defeats, 1 draw and only 1 victory, Cannes will have to do better to be ready by the start of the season. But coach Cabezas wants to be confident and therefore explained to the club’s website that he saw the best over the matches. He said “We want to continue to produce good content and develop our collective.” It will be necessary not to take a bad start on August 29 against Côte Bleue.

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