A suicide bomber staged a terrorist attack in Baghdad

Фото: Al Arabiya

Terrorist attack in Baghdad

The explosion caused significant destruction, several shops caught fire, people in panic tried to escape.

In Baghdad, 30 people became victims of one of the largest terrorist attacks in recent years, and about 60 were injured. This is reported by the TV channel Al Arabiya.

An explosive device reportedly went off in a busy market in the predominantly Shia-populated eastern district of the Iraqi capital Madinat Sadr. It was crowded at that moment.

The explosion led to significant destruction, several shops caught fire, people in panic tried to escape between the stalls away from the place where the bomb went off.

The security forces of Baghdad confirmed that an improvised explosive device was used in the attack. There was information that a suicide bomber had blown herself up in the market, on whose body a belt with explosives was fixed.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi ordered an urgent investigation of all the circumstances of the incident. In addition, in connection with the incident, he ordered the arrest of the commander of one of the units of the federal police force in Madinat Sadr.

Recall that in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Monday, July 19, explosion thundered… As a result, 30 people died and about 45 were injured.

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