A sudden sign of cancer that may appear when you wake up in the morning

12:00 pm

Sunday 14 August 2022


Cancer symptoms vary depending on which part of the body is affected and where the cancer has spread.

Cancer cells can spread to any part of the body, which means that the symptoms of cancer are extensive. Symptoms may vary, but the advice is the same: act on any abnormal changes as soon as they appear. With this in mind, Express draws attention to an alarming sign of cancer that may appear in the morning, according to Russia Today.

According to University of California San Francisco Health (UCSF), a “sudden and permanent change in your energy level, no matter how much sleep you get” can indicate leukemia – a cancer of the white blood cells.

Fatigue is very common in people with cancer. It can be the most worrying symptom.

Cancer Research UK explains: “Cancer-related fatigue can affect you physically, emotionally and mentally. How long it lasts, the severity and how often may vary from person to person.”

According to the NHS, other signs of leukemia include:

• Dull appearance.

• hard breathing.

• Frequent infection.

• Unusual and frequent bruising or bleeding, such as bleeding gums or nosebleeds.

• Lose weight without trying.

“Although leukemia is unlikely to be the cause, these symptoms should be investigated,” says the NHS.

It’s not clear exactly what causes leukemia, and in most cases, there’s no identifiable cause.

However, some risk factors may increase your risk of developing leukemia.

There are different types of leukemia: Acute leukemia (AML) means that it develops quickly and aggressively, and usually requires immediate treatment.

The report warns that cigarette smoking can increase the risk of developing acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).

According to the NHS, exposure to a large level of radiation can increase the chances of developing acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), although this usually requires exposure to very high levels.

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