A subway worker at the World Cup becomes a star on Tik Tok.. What is his story?

Little did the simple Kenyan worker know that his life could be turned upside down because of his smile, and his “funny” times in his work diaries.

Fame knocked on the door of young Kenyan Abubakar Abbas, who works as a guide for my fans World Cup in Qatar at the subway station, when his videos spread like wildfire on social media.

Rather, he has become a star on Tik Tok, known as ‘Raj Al-Metro’!

“subway man”

The word “meter”, which the young man repeats spontaneously, has become a trend with which fans have interacted, and video clips have spread, reaping thousands of posts, which have prompted him to launch an account on the “Tik Tok” application. the number of his followers in a very short time reached more than 23 thousand, and some of his clips were close to success: 1 million views.

In addition, the “metro man” posted a clip on Tik Tok, in which he welcomed those who wanted to take pictures with him for free.

very happy!

He said, “Let’s meet at Souq Waqif even while I do my job. You are all welcome. You can take selfies with me and video clips, I have no problem. And for free, I won’t ask you for that in return. This is my job and I I adore.”

Other accounts on TikTok have also posted videos of the young Kenyan and his great joy at this first honor in his life, as he described it.

Interestingly, the State of Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup, which is the 22nd tournament of the World Cup, from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

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