A study supports that joint and simultaneous vaccination against covid and influenza is safe

A study prepared by experts from several universities and health institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, which will be published soon in the scientific journal The Lancet, confirms that joint vaccination against covid-19 and seasonal flu is safe and can be done simultaneously.

This was highlighted this Saturday by the virologist and director emeritus of the National Influenza Center at the Valladolid Clinical Hospital, Raúl Ortiz de Lejarazu, who has expressed that this possibility of supplying both vaccines at the same time and safely “was seen to come “.

The study clarifies the perspectives on the application of both vaccines for the next winter

Through a message on his Twitter profile, Dr. Ortiz de Lejarazu has shared this study in the prepublication phase, which may serve to clarify the perspective of the next next vaccination campaigns for next winter.

The aforementioned study states that none of the laboratories that currently manufactures vaccines against covid-19 have described effects on the co-administration of their doses with other vaccines used against other diseases such as influenza, although some of them did exclude the possibility of simultaneity with other compounds.

The simultaneity of applying both vaccines was one of the aspects on which there was no unanimity among the laboratories

This document recalls that immune interference and safety are always a concern when two vaccines are administered at the same time, so the research now presented is the first to demonstrate the safety and efficacy profile of the covid vaccine and another against seasonal flu.

The entities that have participated in this study include Novavax (USA), the University of London and several of its associated hospitals in the United Kingdom, the Royal College of London (United Kingdom), the Seqirus company (Australia) and the University of Oxford (United Kingdom), among others EFE


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