A student fell inside a school tank in Al-Khafji..and found him revealing the details of the incident and how to save him after 4 hours

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The grandfather of 8-year-old Amber Al-Ruwaili has revealed the details of his grandson’s rescue after he fell into a tank on the roof of a school in Al-Khafji.

“When my nephew went to school as usual, we were surprised to hear that he hadn’t come to school, and we went with his mother to school,” she said. According to Al-Arabiya.net

He continued: ‘The school guard was contacted, who in turn confirmed that no students had left the school, so we went to the school principal and asked her to look inside the school for the child, but she confirmed that wasn’t there.”

He added: The security authorities were notified and the officer, Hammoud Al-Shammari, decided to venture into the tub, as it was not completely full, and took the baby out after being in the tub for more than 4 hours.

The boy’s grandfather called the education department in the Eastern Region to investigate the incident.

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