“A String of Hearts” became a hit! “The first generation of female idol head” Shen Yan is shocked and passed away at 60 years old

[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report]60-year-old Shen Yan (Zhou Meilin) ​​was a popular three-season singer in Taiwan from 1979 to 1987. He had the title of “Jade Girl Idol Head” and was shocked today (5th). Pass away.

Shen Yan passed away in shock, and lived 60 years old. (Taken from YouTube)

Shen Yan graduated from China TV’s 4th Performing Arts Training Class in 1979. The original stage name was “Lin Zhenzhen”. Later, due to the beauty of the idiom “Shen Yu Luo Yan” in appearance, she changed her stage name to “Shen Yan”. She was quiet and dreamy. The route, the first album “Treading the Waves” was released at the end of 1979. At that time, it became popular with the movie “I Treading the Waves”. In 1980, he went to Hong Kong to promote and participated in the “Night of Youth Symphony”. A large number of fans saw the style, swept Taiwan and Hong Kong in a short time, and signed a contract with Hong Kong Polygram Records.

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In July 1981, Shen Yan released the taming song “A String of Hearts” with the movie “Bung Beng A String of Hearts”, which became popular in the streets and alleys of Taiwan, rising soaring, and reaching the peak of the music scene. , Starring in many love literary and artistic movies, in 1982, he was the first to host the Taiwan TV variety show “Goose in the Forest”. Hu Gua was a short drama actor at that time. In the past, Taiwan set off the imitation of Oriental songs, creating another generation of Oriental music in the Mandarin music world. The female idols Lin Huiping, Jin Ruiyao, and Yang Lin have risen one after another. Shen Yan was greatly affected by the scandalous attacks. In 1987, she released her last solo album “Four Seasons” and gradually faded out of the music scene. After that, she accepted a warm proposal from her boyfriend at the time and emigrated. She lives in the United States and runs a flower shop in New York after her marriage. She and her husband have two sons and return to Taiwan to visit friends and relatives from time to time.

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The reporter called Shen Yan’s old love and former agent Xia Chunyong. Because the two hadn’t contacted him for 30 years, he had just found out after watching the news. Unexpectedly, they left at such a young age. Sigh: “Life is impermanent.” I also feel that there is no good news in the past one or two years due to natural and man-made disasters. “This is not a good year.”

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