A strange story of a young “Qahtani” whose brother was massacred and his uncles took his land and said that you are the owner of an origin and his life has changed! • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The narrator, Abdullah Al-Mukhalid, revealed the story of a young man, “Qahtani”, whose brother and uncles were massacred, took his land and said that you are the owner of a origin and his life was upset out of order.

Al-Mukhalid said on the Al-Majd channel that there was a young man named Khader bin Hussein Al-Qahtani in Yemen, he was 27 and his father had died and was living with his uncles.

kill his brother

The narrator added: “There was a problem with his uncles on a plot of land, so his maternal uncles slaughtered his older brother.”

He continued: “A number of people held a meeting to solve the problem and told the young man what your requests are. He said first, let’s solve the land problem, then let’s tackle my brother’s problem, and there was tension between them, then one of his uncles stood up and said to the young man: “You are not the son of Qahtan. He goes and seeks your origin, and there is no revenge for you with us. “

And he continued: “The young man went to his mother and told her what had happened, and she said to him:” My son, I don’t know except that your father is from a great tribe of Saudi Arabia called “Shammar”, but the your uncles took you and shot you in Al-Qahtani. “

Shammar tribe

He added: “The boy went to the Saudi embassy in Sanaa and asked them about the Shammar tribe, and they said, yes, there is a Shammar tribe in Saudi Arabia, and it’s one of the bigger tribes, and we have a Employee Shammar who will talk to you. “

He explained that the young man decided to get a visa from the embassy and went to Riyadh to look for his family, reached the Al-Jarba tribe and made contact with the Shayban Shammar tribe. After the investigation, they told him: yes, this boy was with his he father when he traveled with King Saud in the Hodeidah Peace Treaty, but they did not return with the army.

meet his aunt

The young man went to his monastery and met his aunt and told her the verses that his mother had told him, quoting his father, so his aunt went into a faint state, and then he told him these verses that only your father said.

He concluded by saying, “The young man signed 46 men from Shamri, who is Shamri, and then took citizenship after a series of procedures.”

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