a stable number of patients in the hospital, but younger

COn Wednesday, the Dunkirk hospital communicated its figures for Covid-19.

88 patients are supported.

“It’s been like this for about a week”, observes Justine Leibig, the interim director of the CHD.

74 patients lie in conventional units dedicated to Covid-19.

14 lie in intensive care.

The number of deaths must be communicated later today.

As a reminder, this mardi, patients have, for the first time, been transferred outside the region.

Emergency room arrivals continue

“We are extremely vigilant and worried, because
we haven’t reached the peak yet

», notes Dr Paupard, head of the gastroenterology service.

Every day these are between 15 and 25 people arriving at the emergency room for Covid-19.

Why are there more young patients?

Since the beginning of the year, the average age of intensive care patients is 62 years.

“She was 65-66 years old during the first waves, note Justine Leibig. We even have
sometimes patients under 40. »

A situation that can be explained in different ways:

👩‍⚕ “There are fewer elderly patients, because some are vaccinated”, for Dr Durand-Joly, medical officer of health

👨‍⚕ “The elderly, more at risk, also tend to self-confine”, notes Dr Paupard

👩‍⚕ “There are a lot of family clusters”, recalls Dr Durand-Joly.


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