“A special magic”: Cinemas believe in restarting after the lockdown

Many studios postpone big blockbusters or rely on streaming offers. This also poses challenges for the cinemas in Paderborn. Your plans are still ongoing.

Benedikt Riemer

02/08/2021 | As of 02/07/2021, 5:44 p.m.


Rudolf Koch

Paderborn. As in many other industries, the situation in cinemas is currently somewhat depressing. For around three months now, the Pollux on Westernstrasse and the UCI cinema in the Libori gallery in Paderborn have also been closed. And from the operator’s point of view, the perspective is not particularly rosy either – you have to fight on several fronts. “At the moment the sight of the empty cinema is of course rather bleak,” says Pollux managing director Ansgar Esch. “We are in a kind of hibernation …

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