A source in Al-Jabaliya: The referee’s reaction to the Al-Ahly match absolves El-Shenawy of the suspension

A source inside the Football Association revealed that the Federation’s Competitions Committee is waiting for the report of Muhammad Salama Mido, the referee of the Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly Bank match, which was held yesterday to determine the position of Mohamed El-Shennawy, the goalkeeper of Al-Ahly club, after the events that occurred after the end of the match, and it is just a spontaneous discussion, indicating that the report The verdict has not been sent to the competition committee yet.

The source added that the referee’s reaction to Mohamed Salama Mido in the match with Mohamed Al-Shennawy, Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper, may prevent penalties from being imposed on the goalkeeper, explaining that if the referee sensed that El-Shenawy intended to fabricate a crisis, he would have had a yellow or red card according to the guard’s behavior, confirming that if the referee’s report was sent, it would be Announcing the position of the red team goalkeeper .

Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly captain, objected to Mohamed Salama, the referee of his team’s match against Al-Ahly, after the end of the match that brought them together yesterday, Sunday, at Haras El-Hodoud Stadium in the eighth round of the league.

The responsible source explained that the scene that appeared after the match between Al-Shennawi and the referee is not sufficient to know the details of the discussion that took place between them, but if the referee mentioned in his report attacks from the Al-Ahly goalkeeper, then the list will apply to him by suspending 4 matches, but if he was not convicted in the report of the referee, then the The debate that the cameras have shown will pass without penalties.

The regulation confirms that in the event of non-sporting behavior on the part of the players towards the referees or assistants, he will be subject to a suspension of up to four matches and a penalty of 20,000 pounds, which is what happened to Muhammad Al-Shennawi after the end of the meeting towards Muhammad Salama, the referee of the meeting..



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