A sociologist from “Alpha Research” wondered which party was pulling sharply in new elections

There is a decline in confidence in “There is such a people” due to the party’s inability to form a government in the first term. At the same time, the BSP is growing among the polled voters from Alpha Research.

The Sociological Agency is currently conducting a survey on electoral attitudes and expectations for a possible new election this fall, the results of which will become clear in early September.

The BSP was harmed in both elections, which took place this year, he commented to Radio Sofia the sociologist Pavel Valchev. On April 4, senior voters feared Covid-19, and on July 11, machine voting.

At the moment, there is mobilization among the “red” electorate, which is also due to the policy pursued. The BSP has become a more sought-after partner. At “Stand up, BG. We are coming “and” Democratic Bulgaria “has no significant changes. GERB also maintains its levels of trust.

It is too early to talk about other parties in the future parliament.

If the elections are not “2 in 1”, chronologically the presidential ones will be first, and then the parliamentary ones, Valchev noted.

A 2 in 1 election is a better option. The most profitable of them will be the citizens, because otherwise they will have to go to the polls several times. “

In addition, with two elections on one date, turnout may be higher. And financial savings can be achieved.

The chances of forming a government within the third termwhich the President will present, are extremely weak. The reason for such expectations are the positions declared by GERB and ITN. There are requests, efforts will be made, but mathematically it is not possible to elect a government, the sociologist explained.

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