A singer targeted by a lynch? White won’t like this!

According to White people think that when it is not possible to sing, the singers basically have time off and enough money for that. He therefore tries to tame such opinions. “No one is rich enough to stop working now – and not at all,” White admitted. In addition, the singer bought a cultural house with a restaurant in her hometown of Otvovice and decided to save the theater in the center of Prague, which, however, was forced to close after the grand opening due to the current situation.

Lucie Bílá after healing from covid-19: I wish everyone to experience it like me

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“I think this period is a stress test for each of us, but I don’t want to complain, it won’t help,” said the singer on the primacy show Showtime. Although the singer has concerts scheduled, she is forced to postpone due to the coronavirus crisis. There is also a team of people behind the singer, all the more responsibility she now has.

“I’m not locked up at home, I try to work a thousand percent, but I’ve always done it that way. We’re in the same situation, just someone is responsible for themselves and I for people. No one can imagine how many people I’m dragging behind me and I can’t leave them alone now. Even if I have to get rid of some of my assets, I will. I’m not afraid of myself, I’m afraid of the people around me, “the singer emphasized in the Showtime show.

Nevertheless, Lucie tries to stay positive and pass this energy on to her fans. “We have good fans, no one is upset. I’m also still smiling that it’s supposed not to be much cursed at me, “added Lucie.

“Filipek” Lucie Bílé: Why did I return to Bohemia? It’s SOS!

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