A shortage of PS5 is partly due to a pandemic

Sony is facing criticism from disgruntled gamers who can’t buy it PlayStation 5. The next-gen of the console is scarce goods and the situation is not expected to improve for some time. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan promised that they are working to get more stores around the world. On the other hand warned and asked the player for patience.

By the end of last year has sold 4.5 million PS5 consoles. That’s more than the PS4 was sold in the first two months of 2013. Despite the problems caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the new generation of PlayStation is off to a good start.

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One of the reasons for the lack of the PS5 is pandemic. It has affected supply chains. “One of the most visible examples is lack of semiconductors. Whether it’s cars, smartphones, computers or game consoles, the problems are in all these areas. “ said Ryan for GQ Magazine.

It is also an obstacle for Sony work from home, only online appointments and also high demand for PlayStation 5. PS5 stocks are set to increase every month. Ryan hopes the situation will improve quickly.

“Demand was higher than we expected. This, together with supply chain problems, has led to a slightly lower supply than we originally planned. “ added Ryan in an interview with the Washington Post.


The coronavirus pandemic affects not only supply chains but also game development. In an interview with GQ magazine, the CEO of PlayStation also addressed the upcoming exclusivity.

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Jim Ryan pleased the player, he said Horizon Forbidden West pro PS5 a PS4, as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (The date was recently set for June 11 for PS5 and will be Czech subtitles) a Returnal (April 30 release on PS5), are set to release this year.

The question remains continuation God of War from 2018. The so-called God of War: Ragnarok was promised last year, but a pandemic could change everything. We may wait longer for the adventures of Krat and his son Atrea. Ryan didn’t talk about the new God of War at all. Well-known journalist Jason Schreier, who often has very accurate information, would be surprised if God of War was released this year.

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According to Ryan, there are two approaches to development: to release the game regardless of quality, or to release it only when you are satisfied with the quality. Sony should have chosen the second approach.

In other news we brought the first details of the new generation of virtual reality for the PlayStation 5. You could read that later Days Gone and its other exclusivities will be released on PC. That was it postponed Gran Turismo 7 for 2022 a Ratchet & Clank will be free in March / March for PS4 and PS5 under the coronavirus initiative. More info.

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