a secure future in Formula 1 and uncertain in Alpine

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the expected Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix it’s here. This Friday they start the activity in the Circuit Barcelona-Catalonia with the first free practices. However, the movement has been dominating the news since this Thursday when several acts have been carried out and when the majority of riders have appeared waiting for a very special weekend to start for everyone.

However, if the weekend will be very entertaining for someone, it will be for Fernando Alonso, the great idol of the Spanish fans. The Asturian races at home again and hopes to give all the fans a great result. However, more than his performance on the track, the man from Oviedo knows that what surrounds him today has more to do with his future than with his present. No one knows what will happen to his situation, not even himself.

“No, I haven’t talked to anyone yet.” This is how the Alpine driver responded in an act of his sponsor Finetwork about whether he had already opened conversations with the French team or with a team like Aston Martin. In recent weeks, rumors have grown that placed him in the seat that he now occupies Sebastian Vetteleither by a withdrawal of the German or by a simple exchange of figures.

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, in a photomontage with the Aston Martin and Alpine logos

However, Alonso postponed his decision until after the summer: “We’ll see after the summer, which is what I had in mind since preseason. I already said then that in the summer I would think about what the best option is.” Everyone is waiting to find out where the two-time Formula 1 world champion will race next year.

Alonso also valued the possibility that several teams join the fight after the change in regulations that has entered this course: “Of course, the new rules always put a different order between the teams and we have to see what possibility there is between the teams that have a chance to win in the next few years. So that will be the priority when I plan to talk to another team.”

Looking forward to Barcelona

Fernando arrives home eager and with the illusion that the A522 answer to have a good race: “This Grand Prix is ​​unique. I hope to have a good race and score points. This year we have had good performances, but we have not been able to complete them on Sundays with the points we had deserved and for what we had fought for” .

“The car this year has improved. In 2021 it was difficult to get into Q3, this year on the contrary we are normally between fifth and eighth on the grid, so I hope to continue there.” An ambitious position for what lies ahead, taking into account that the man from Oviedo has gone through real hardships to score points this season.

Fernando Alonso, at the 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, at the 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix

Hasan Bratic / dpa

He has confessed that they have improvements for the Spanish Grand Prix, something that all the teams usually do due to the particular aerodynamic load that is needed in Montmeló: “In Barcelona everyone is used to introducing a lot of novelties and that can change the order a bit. That’s why I’m a bit expectant, but on a normal weekend we should get a good result”.

“The new rear wing is simply an update to the Barcelona features. In Monza We will also have a different wing, suitable for that circuit”. With this, Alonso only thinks that they will get the points that they have deserved so much and that due to some problems or others have fallen by the wayside: “Hopefully from now on we start to score points. I’m not worried, there are many races left and luck ends up compensating, but we have few points and that has to change”.

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