a search to find Maxime, who has been missing since last Saturday

The 24-year-old was last seen leaving a nightclub. His phone was found near a tram station.

About fifty people were searched this Wednesday in Valenciennes to find Maxime Pluchard, a 24-year-old young man who disappeared last weekend.

He was last seen around three in the night between Saturday and Sunday, after leaving the nightclub “L’Opéra Bar”.

Maxime is 1.85m tall and has a slim build. He has blue/grey eyes, long straight hair, which he wears tied back. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing navy blue cargo pants, a black denim jacket with a Sherpa collar, and sneakers on his feet.

His phone found near the tram

Since Saturday, his relatives have been mobilizing to try to find him. “I won’t leave without him,” her best friend Kelly declares into the microphone of the BFM Grand Lille. She reminds that any of Maxime’s items that are found should not be handled, but that the police should be contacted immediately.

The search covered fairly large areas around the nightclub where Maxime was last seen, after leaving the friend who accompanied him. “Maxime had just informed his friend that he would return, but since then he has not returned to his house and has not shown any signs of life”, reports the call to witnesses broadcast on social media.

The young man’s cell phone was found near the Sainte-Catherine tram stop.

ON Facebook page dedicated to the search for the young man, his relatives indicate that “Maxime was seen by the cameras leaving the alcohol stall and staggering with every step towards his apartment to finally return to the stall”.

An investigation has been opened. Anyone with information can contact the Valenciennes police station on or 17.

If they don’t hear from the authorities, Maxime’s relatives plan to organize another search to find the young man.

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