A scented diffuser with recycled plaster, an award-winning project by Ephec students

The students are not lacking in imagination. Last Friday, their parents were able to realize this during the exhibition of each of the projects: ” This is the first time that we have organized an exhibition of the works “, specifies Catherine Van De Wouver.


The jury awarded the first prize to the DiffuZZen project: ” This is a perfume diffuser made with recycled plaster. We mold the plaster to give it a nice shape. We place water, ethanol and essential oils in the container. We have three scents: stimulating, soothing and purifying explains Eunice Leclercq, member of the group. We worked with the artisanal perfumery Nezzen. We sell our diffuser 68 €. It lasts three months for 300 ml “.

Other projects were exhibited such as the Fire bag and Fire case which are bags and kits made for “kids” with old firefighter suits: ” We have them decontaminated. They are supplied to an ASBL active in upcycling. The finished product comes back to us and we sell them “Says Jeremy.

Marie Voght wanted to travel the world: ” I went to Namibia. Coming back, there was the Covid. I wrote a book with hikes in Belgium, each destination is linked to a country in the world. I then wrote a second book to discover the places where you can paddle. I now offer thirty micro-adventures as part of my work at Ephec. I suggest people come and do activities with me in order to write a book together “, she points out.

The Arti Steel group recovers metal plates of about 5 cm by 5 cm used in metallurgy for quality tests: ” Lasnois artist André Delpierre makes equestrian sculptures that we will auction on May 21 in a riding school in Waterloo “.

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