A Saudi writer reveals the reasons for the existence of atheism and takfir … and explains the dangerous thinking that must be faced

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Ahmed Bani Qais, revealed the reasons for the existence of atheism and takfir and the dangerous thinking that needs to be faced.

Atheism and atonement

Ahmed Bani Qais said, in his article, titled “Atheism and Takfir… The Dangerous and the Most Dangerous”, published in the Makkah newspaper, that the existence of different intellectual and religious approaches is a characteristic of mankind, and l The impact of these approaches varies according to the degree of their penetration into societies and their acquisition of the legitimacy of adoption and promotion. However, the dangers of these curricula and their validity vary according to the degree of their compatibility with reason , logic and social orientation, and we, as a society, like any other society, are not immune to it.

intellectual threats

He explained: “The reference to our society leads us to talk about the intellectual and doctrinal threats it faces, which can contribute to destabilizing its security and stability. The two most important threats our society faces in this regard are “the ‘atheism” and ” takfirism”, that despite their intellectual and doctrinal contradiction, their danger is constant and cannot be ignored, but must be ignored. By facing it and working to weaken it and take all those who represent it by the hand.

The truth of life

He stressed: “Before discussing the consequences of these two threats from which we suffer, let us first ask the reasons for their existence, and let us begin by first addressing the reasons for the existence of “atheism”, which we find when examined lies in the inability of anyone you adopt this approach of reaching a religious interpretation that helps him understand the reality of life, the nature of its existence and how it is formed.

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extreme approach

And he continued: “While the other phenomenon, which is represented by the resort of a percentage of Muslims to adopt an extremist and bloodthirsty approach known as the “takfir” approach, the main reason for its existence has been the adoption of corrupt and religious interpretations that allowed its members to expel from the religion anyone who disagreed with their religious and doctrinal view and the permissibility to intimidate, terrorize and even kill them.

complicated process

And he added: «Those who meditate on the case of these two approaches see very clearly that “atheism” despite its intellectual and doctrinal corruption, we find that its followers do not resort to physical violence as much as they resort to intellectual violence and philosophical debate, even if their resort to this has not helped them much in convincing others of its usefulness which is what has made the process of its dissemination among the general public and its elite is a complex and complex process which is very difficult.

atonement phenomenon

And he continued: “While we find that the followers of the “takfir” phenomenon allow themselves, as I mentioned above, to follow without hesitation or separation the bloodthirsty extremist approach, which makes them a greater danger than the danger of “atheism”, and this which confirms the magnitude of this danger is that its followers play on the strings of religion, which, as we know, is popular, is spreading among different segments of Muslim societies, which makes the process of those responsible for the “takfir” approach in the ‘attracting those who have little knowledge and understanding of true and clear religion is an easy and practical process capable of attracting and mobilizing them and filling their minds with dark and obscurantist ideas in the name of correcting religious adherence and upholding it.

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Good intentions

He concluded: “What one must know in conclusion is that clear thinking is dangerous and must be faced. It is a thinking that does not value human life and does not care or worry about the instability and security of its homeland and of the continuity of its safety and security, however much this thought is enclosed in slogans that appear at first glance benevolent, attentive and well-intentioned while it is in its reality it is nothing more than a peg used to achieve goals that have absolutely nothing to deal with the meanings and purposes of the launched slogans.

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