A Saudi Tourist Shares the Motive Behind Wearing a Skullcap While Exploring the Streets of Mexico in a Video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi traveler revealed the difficulty of walking around the streets of Mexico, without wearing a hat, especially while going to pray, stressing, “You may be exposed to theft and looting.”

And the traveler said, in a circulating video: One struggles to reach the mosque .. O people, do you know the importance of the cap? I am in a very popular place.

And he continued: If you see what is in there or a tourist, if you wear this cap, the issue would be completely different.

And he added: The Indigenous people, they are the indigenous people, people are more difficult than the gangs, praise be to God that the reputation of Muslims here is very good.

He added: San Cristobel has a small number of Muslims, and it has one of the best mosques, the largest mosque in Mexico.

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