A Saudi political analyst comments on the war between “Russia and Ukraine” and reveals the loser and the winner and when Putin will use nuclear weapons • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Political analyst Muhammad al-Nafjan has revealed his expectations of the Russian war in Ukraine, the role America plays in this war and the only thing he fears will happen.

Al-Nafjan explained in a video he shared on “Tik Tok” that America is the one that wants war, and it is the country that benefits from it, “a low-level war that is draining Russia and Ukraine”.

He added: America is fighting at a distance, and it is the country that benefits from it, and it stands up and its economy is recovering and the dollar is rising and the rest of the countries are running out, noting that America is afraid. of one thing, which is why it is a red line.

And he added: America is afraid of World War III and nuclear power, it is ready to sacrifice Ukraine so that a nuclear attack does not arrive in New York and that Russia does not sweep Los Angeles away.

Al-Nafjan indicated that Russia will not reach the stage of using nuclear weapons unless America crosses its red borders with it, explaining: “And Russia’s red borders are that it comes out of the war weaker than Before”.

He continued: “Russia wants to win in the war and that its gains are greater than its losses. nuclear power is the only option for Russia and America knows it ”.

Al-Nafjan stressed that Russia is the largest country in the world with a nuclear arsenal and that it will win the war, albeit prolonged, because it wins or uses nuclear weapons.

Al-Nafjan said America and Russia are fighting for the amount of gains. America wants to reduce Russia’s earnings as much as possible and have simple earnings that do not affect and Russia wants to see much greater earnings, but everyone agrees that it cannot make Russia lose, because it will not allow it to become a dependent country.

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